Invoices and receipts are one of the common regular replenishments in a business, especially in merchandising. A new trend is currently moving with regards to invoice and receipt books. Companies are gradually moving on to using NCR forms and are liking the results. How can this be beneficial to you as well?

First of All, What Are They?

NCR forms are multi-part forms that are made using carbonless copy paper, also known as NCR paper. These forms can come in many types, including receipts, purchase orders, and invoices. Just like when you use carbon when writing on a form over another one, NCR forms enable you to create a copy of handwritten or impact-written documents simultaneous to your writing. NCR forms allow you to make multiple copies at the same time without having to use carbon paper, thus they are also known as carbonless forms. There are also NCR forms that are made as continuous forms and connected to a computer.


What’s In It for Me?

NCR forms eliminate the need to use carbon paper to make copies of your documents. There will be less mess, reducing the need for cleanup or the risk of ruining other documents. This also decreases the chances of lost time or even physical losses due to errors or wastage from casualties caused by carbon paper.

Another great benefit is the long-term reduced costs. While NCR forms also cost money to print out, this amount is offset by the savings you get from procuring carbon paper, as well as possible losses from errors and reduced productivity.

Speed is another advantage. Because there is no need to scan copies or write out another one when filling out documents, productivity is increased. While the same can be said when using carbon, the hassle of placing them out and the mess it makes can cost time in the long run. Additionally, NCR forms are also capable of triplicates, which is advantageous to many.

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