Brochures are an excellent instalment in lobbies and waiting areas. Not only does it keep people from getting bored, they also help you transmit information or promote new products or services. However, many seem to be having problems in getting people to pick them up. Here are some tips to make your brochures more appealing.

Make Sure It’s Readable

Brochures often have a lot of content, and that in itself turns people off. Readable font makes it easier for people to look at your brochure and will increase the chances of them reading it longer, enough to make them notice something that interests them. Ensure that font colors don’t clash with the background and that they’re neither too big nor small. It also helps to emphasise main points using boldface or larger fonts.

Use Catchy Titles or Headlines

The first thing people will look at is your main point, and this is typically summarised by your titles or headlines. Use catchy words that easily express what that portion of the article is all about to improve the initial impression.

Lay Everything Out Properly

Too little, too excessive, or badly laid out images and fonts can make your brochures look messy. Remember, it has to be pleasing to the eye to encourage people to read them. Review your layout and make sure everything is clear and relevant. Don’t be afraid of removing unnecessary content either.

Use the Right Fold Type

There are several fold types to choose from, and it could affect response more than you think. For quick and concise details, try a simple fold like the half fold to avoid turning people off and wasting space. If you have a lot of content, the more complex folds can be used to add interaction and effectively layout text and images. Consider as well convenience if you’re giving them out. People will prefer taking brochures that are easy to store and don’t take up too much space.

Consider Adding a Finish

Finishes will help add value to your brochure and make them look more attractive and eye-catching. For example, gloss finishes catch light and look appealing. They also feel smooth to the touch.  Gloss also enhances the colors in your brochure, making them look more deep or vibrant.

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