Bookmarks are a popular example of affordable marketing. They have low costs of production but are still well-received by a broad demographic. They are easy to transport and distribute, and they can easily feature your company logo with class subtlety. However, we can’t deny that there are just some who don’t see the point in bookmarks. Why take one when they can just fold the pages or use an old receipt? Here are ways to convince consumers that bookmarks can be more useful than they sound.

Print Calendars on Them

Bookmarks have enough space to either display a flashy picture or express a popular quotation. But not everyone can relate to that image or quote. One way to convince people to keep your bookmarks is to print calendars on them. This way, your bookmarks are more functional and will last for a year, well until you have new promotions for your next campaign. Everyone uses calendars, so the market for them is quite broad as well.

Use It as an Invitation


Planning to hold a corporate event or a party for your most loyal clients? You can save costs by printing a classy invitation on your bookmarks and including them on your giveaway packages. It’s hitting two birds with one stone. Plus, they’ll continue to be reminded of your event every time they open that book.

Make It Double as a Coupon or Ticket

What better way to thank your customers for the patronage than give them freebies? This method allows you to include a freebie in a freebie! Print out a valid ticket or discount coupon for your most loyal customers, or convert it into a usable gift voucher for their next shopping trip to your store.

Include an Insightful Activity

You can also print out fun activities like puzzles and mind teasers into your bookmarks. It will add a dose of entertainment to readers while taking a break, and they can also give it out to friends or their kids. Incorporating your brand or company into the activities will also extend your interaction with them and help customers to retain your brand in their memory.

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